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"Having worked professionally with Christina Cook Lee on our staging projects for over 4+ years, I can emphatically say she is FABULOUS to work with!  We own a home staging company and we regularly commission Real Big Art to assist us creating staging projects that sell extremely QUICKLY and profitably for our own clients."

Doshia Wagner, Allied ASID, Residential Interior Designer and Home Staging Specialist, NonStop Staging, Bradenton, FL

"When I came into the place, the artwork was so striking that I feel like the artwork helped sell this dwelling to me. It gave me the vision of what it could be. And when I thought about the artwork, it was like, well, it's perfect--I'm not going to find anything better. I could spend hours shopping--and this is it. I was so glad that the paintings were for sale and that I could go ahead and leave them on the walls."

Karen K., Home Buyer, Bradenton, FL

"A luxury listing had been on the market with 2 other agents for a period of one year. I took the listing and hired Real Big Art to assist in staging the home. BAM !!! Within 29 days it was SOLD. Christina's original artwork was a huge hit and it helped me get my Seller's home sold in a short period of time!"

Trish Chandler, Realtor with Coldwell Banker Lakewood Ranch, FL

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