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First Home

Art is often not at the top of the list for a first-time homeowner. Suddenly, there may be a mortgage payment, then the furniture needed… and so many other things that weren’t expected. Yet, a house is not a home until the art is hung.

Sometimes, it’s quite a while before people begin to know what they want, even when the money is there.

Real Big Art is here to help. We have consulting services that can help you determine your needs. If you’re just not sure what you want, we will allow you to rent a piece before you commit, to see if it’s really right for you. We are able to accept major credit cards, or even offer you a rent to own option, if you qualify.

We have a wide inventory of true, hand painted originals and hand embellished Giclées that you won’t see in all of your friends houses who got their factory original at the local import store. If you are interested in something even more organic, we can work with your desires and create a custom one of a kind, just for you.Please call for an appointment and let’s get started making your house a home.

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Seasoned Home Owner

Art often moves with people from house to house. It gets hung—not because it necessarily is the best choice, but because it’s art. There’s something almost sacred about art. There are memories attached to each piece you own that connect you with times and places you don’t want to forget.

As houses come and go in people’s lives, sometimes they get bigger—or smaller. Then comes the question of scale. “Does the art I bought for my first apartment still work in my new estate home?” Well, it might. But the piece that graced your living room back then might belong in a den now. Your eight foot ceilings may have grown to ten, twelve foot, or even higher. How do you make decisions about what size is best? You could guess, and possibly have regrets.

Real Big Art is able to offer expert advice on the right size and placement, as well as help you find art in the colors and style that will enhance your home and create an engaging environment.

Call us now for an appointment to discuss how we can help you.

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