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Life is like a maze, isn't it? I've always been fascinated by a maze. Well, maybe not always--but at least as far back as Alice in Wonderland. A maze needs to have some level of complexity to be attractive. As humans, we are born curious, and a maze requires curiosity. One of my favorite things to do when I design a piece of art is to offer the viewer a little fun. Maybe a puzzle or problem to solve. Some of these are obvious--some are hidden--some were completely illusive and only thought of as I painted. This maze is a symbol of hope. It has not one, but two ways out. It serves as a reminder that when a problem seems impossible, there is a solution--sometimes more than one. Art and Photography by Christina Cook Lee, Interior Design by Doshia Wagner of NonStop Staging.

Artwork Pricing

These prices are for gallery wrapped canvases on 1.5" bars. Framing is available. Prices based on material and labor costs.





24 x 36




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36 x 48




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36 x 60




48 x 72




Price for originals and custom-sized reproductions on request.

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