Blue Nautilus

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Another home staging project was the primary inspiration for the creation of this piece of art. I previewed the home and saw the beautiful nature setting. In Florida, we see lots of tropical themes, but I wanted to do some art that pushed the limits. I could have painted a nautilus that was neutral and natural, but I believe in color psychology and in creating art that gives people an experience when they look at it. The nautilus has become known as a symbol of expansion and renewal. I chose to recreate that strong image in a blue green color that I have always loved. Blue brings a feeling of calm and green encourages new life. The nautilus is ever expanding with new chambers emerging as it grows. In home staging or in a residence, the nautilus brings the feeling of stability and strength. Art and Photography by Christina Cook Lee, Interior Design by Doshia Wagner of NonStop Staging.

Artwork Pricing

These prices are for gallery wrapped canvases on 1.5" bars. Framing is available. Prices based on material and labor costs.





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Price for originals and custom-sized reproductions on request.

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