Early Morning Horse Play

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Not long ago, I had the opportunity to provide art for some homeowners who were selling their house. They had great home furnishings but were short on art that would add impact to the photos that would soon to be taken to sell their home. I would also be taking the pictures for the realtor. I was excited to be able to transform their house, but was under pressure to actually paint most of the pictures we needed to make their house stand out from the rest. As a photographer, I enjoy my membership with UpSplash...a site that I contribute to and also enjoy getting inspiration from. It's great being able to give people permission to use some of my work and also be able to have access to design elements that truly help when I'm under pressure and need to make something happen quickly. I found a photograph much like the picture I painted. It was easy to see that the younger horses were feeling frisky and the "adult" horses were over to the side having a morning chat. The icing on the cake was installing the painting and seeing that the owners had a magazine on the desk opened to a photograph with same color pallet I used for Early Morning Horse Play. I love it when a plan comes together. Art and Photography by Christina Cook Lee, Staging by Rachel Hutchins.

Artwork Pricing

These prices are for gallery wrapped canvases on 1.5" bars. Framing is available. Prices based on material and labor costs.





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36 x 60




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Price for originals and custom-sized reproductions on request.

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