Fan the Flame

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In the '70s I had an upstairs office with an adjoining bathroom that had slanted ceilings and loads of built ins and character. You should have heard the wallpaper hangers try to talk me out of putting a blue flame stitch pattern on all the walls....and the ceiling! The design was not small, and they were sure it was going to overwhelm the space and that I would be unhappy with the results. Of course I insisted, and they reluctantly began their work. When they finished, they had to admit the results were stunning and that the plan had worked perfectly. I was definitely reminiscing when I painted this neutralized nod to that room I loved so much. Art and Photography by Christina Cook Lee, Interior Design by Doshia Wagner of NonStop Staging.

Artwork Pricing

These prices are for gallery wrapped canvases on 1.5" bars. Framing is available. Prices based on material and labor costs.





24 x 36




30 x 40




36 x 48




48 x 60




36 x 60




48 x 72




Price for originals and custom-sized reproductions on request.

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