The Waves

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My husband and I have a drone and have had a lot of fun taking it out to areas where we can get a new perspective. As a photographer, I thought when we bought it, that we would be using it for capturing real estate views. In truth, we don't. I actually recommend someone I know who does a great job to do that part, if a client wants drone shots and I focus on making the ground shots as perfect as I possibly can. So, our drone has been something that we fly for enjoyment and recreation. I'm always amazed when I look at scenes from the perspective of a drone. It's really a new point of view. We've all seen pictures of beaches from the ground and maybe even a view from a helicopter or airplane. But a drone allows us to get above the ground, yet close enough to see detail. I used a shot taken from a drone of Ft. Lauderdale, a place many people associate with "spring break" and "vacation" and organized it to my own taste and then made this painting I call, "The Waves". This large, highly attractive image literally takes charge of any room and creates an atmosphere of fun and relaxation. Art and Photography by Christina Cook Lee, Interior Design by Doshia Wagner of NonStop Staging.

Artwork Pricing

These prices are for gallery wrapped canvases on 1.5" bars. Framing is available. Prices based on material and labor costs.





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36 x 60




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Price for originals and custom-sized reproductions on request.

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