The ART of Staging

February 14, 2019
A home may be filled with well-appointed furniture, but carefully selected artwork can definitely create an unforgettable experience for the potential buyer.

It practically goes without saying that the staging of a quality home is expected in today’s market, but if you are the seller or the agent, what will set that home apart from the rest—even if you have it staged? Have you noticed that so many staged homes all look alike these days? It’s because most of the stagers are buying their accessories from the same stores.

NonStop Staging has a curated, eclectic collection of art and accessories. Doshia Wagner has that genius ability to accessorize a home with pieces that are uncommon and fascinating. The environment she composes causes viewers to stay in a home longer. And in her own words, “The longer people stay in a home, the greater the possibility that they will be able to imagine themselves living there.”

Art is not only an attractive element in the design for home staging, but it can also be a problem solver. The right art can show a buyer how that wall color they might not have personally chosen can actually work. In homes with great big walls and high ceilings, average size art can literally get lost and appear dwarfed. NonStop Staging is able to provide art of any size and if necessary, will even have it custom painted for that unusual situation where nothing but custom will do (and yes, it is available for purchase!).

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